To Fluoride or Not To Fluoride?

In almost every dentist’s office you’ll see that they recommend using FLUORIDE toothpaste to reduce cavities. They tell children to switch to a product containing FLUORIDE once they are old enough. Why do we wait until they can spit it out? Spitting it out does not magically make your body immune to the chemical. It is still is absorbed into your bloodstream once it touches your gums. Why does the toothpaste tube tell you to only use a “pea sized” amount and be sure to not swallow any? It is because of all the dangers lurking in FLUORIDE. The truth is, you do not have to swallow fluoride for it to enter your bloodstream. In fact, simply brushing it into your gums, is a direct outlet to enter your bloodstream.

Research does in fact show that FLUORIDE can help reduce cavities, and that’s a good thing. However, too much of anything usually causes health problems. In the case of FLUORIDE, it most certainly does. Many people around the world are suffering from pits in tooth enamel, discolored teeth, and too much FLUORIDE has been known to even cause brittle bones. Some studies are even looking at the possibility of neurotoxicity! The use of FLUORIDE is a balancing act. You want to use just enough to help fight off the cavities, but you also don’t want to ingest so much that it makes you sick.

A couple of you are probably asking, where does drinking water factor in? Most public drinking water is FLUORIDATED to 0.7 parts per million. Sounds like a safe amount to you, right? WRONG. Even at this level it is estimated that every one in five children are getting too much FLUORIDE in their systems. Even though FLUORIDE is a naturally occurring chemical, it is still a chemical that needs to be used responsibly. Go home and make sure everyone in your household is aware of the dangers behind using too much FLUORIDE. There are many great alternatives that are also safe that can be swapped out for regular fluorinated toothpastes.

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