Protein Shakes: Whey Versus Casein

There is no doubt that when it comes to working out, protein is something that is necessary not just to feed our muscles to make them larger and stronger, but to get the amino acids we need to heal our muscles that we have created micro tears in. This constant tearing, healing, and fueling is what can increase the size and strength of your muscles overall. The question that constantly comes up is whether using different proteins yields different results.

The rabbit hole this conversation usually takes is plant protein versus whey or animal protein. The conversation is usually about protein combining, but this has been disproven by modern science many times, so know that if your protein is plant based, milk based, or from cooking a steak, the benefit will be about the same.

Whey protein has become the most popular form for gym rats because it works immediately post work out and is a quick fix for a brutal hour workout. With that being said, it isn’t going to necessarily help you in the morning. People often find themselves extremely sore even after their heavy protein shake and taking more whey protein isn’t going to fix the situation

One protein that has been put under the microscope as of late is casein protein. It used to be rather common, but since it didn’t work fast like whey protein, it wasn’t desired as much. When you take casein protein, it isn’t to develop your major muscles to give you the “Swole” look. Instead, it slowly releases the amino acids instead of blasting your system with them.

Both whey and casein protein are derived from milk, so why do they work differently? Casein is derived from milk curds, which gives it a much denser composition. This allows for a slow release into the body, which has a larger benefit for lean muscle and makes it great for use just before bed. You can always get the best of both worlds from protein mixtures that include both kinds of protein. If all your muscles are getting the amino acids they need, then the more likely your body will be fresh the next day so you can keep working out!

An amazing example of a solid protein mixture is the Ultra-Performance Protein Shake which utilizes both of these proteins and is chalked full of amino acids that most protein powders are missing!