The Secret to Burning Fat Every Workout

Reviewing Access Bars As A Fat-Burning Food

One of the most popular ways to burn fat is from a relatively new product: the fat-burning food called Access Bars. “Relatively” because it was initially released 20 years ago–and released at that time only after 18 years of research. What they sought after was whether or not people could lose weight while eating–was there such thing as a fat-burning food?

Access Bars’ History

The fact that a fat-burning food might be possible brought one of the best minds on the human body onto the research Team. The researcher was Dr. Larry Wang, a Professor of human physiology at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. He had been studying the hibernation in animals during the intensely cold Canadian winters. He noticed that many mammals would store up fat and then burn it off without having to go anywhere. For example, squirrels lower their body temperatures and then warm them back up during each hibernation process. As they warm back up, they use up the fat stored in their bodies each time, burning through a very large percentage of that fat. They can do this over 15 times during a long Winter season.

Dr. Wang discovered how they were doing this: through accessing a naturally-produced metabolic product called adenosine. Adenosine, however, serves as a kind of gateway: it guards the fat reserves in the body of many mammals. Dr. Wang began to wonder, “If squirrels can do this so effortlessly, over and over each year, could humans also do this or something similar?” He discovered that adenosine is naturally-produced in humans as well. It works in humans very similarly–only we don’t have any way to get through that “gateway” to the extra fat stored in our bodies. Dr. Wang persisted in his research, however, and discovered a way to access that extra fat.

He called this process “Access” because it enables humans to access the otherwise untouchable stores of excess fat. He perfected the process and the efficiency of its accessibility and made several products to deliver it in the most effective way into human’s systems.

One product, in particular, has recently earned a spotlight in several of the more prestigious social  circles. At first glance, it seems counter-intuitive: it’s actually a health bar that you eat. Yes, a fat-burning food.


Are Access Bars Really A Fat-Burning Food?

A common current question is something along the lines of, “Are these Access Bars really fat-burning foods and is their recent popularity due to actual results or just a hyped-up trend?”

Yes, the Access Bars–ideally, taken on an empty stomach, and about 15 minutes before starting your workout–works as a fat-burning food.Access Bars are similar to health bars, and probably are often categorized as one. Once you’ve tried them, however, you’ll realize how they’re so much more. They’re really a scientifically-tested, clinically-proven product with unarguable results. While some people report weight loss by doing nothing other than eating them, it’s really recommended that you compound their benefits with exercise. Plus, they stave off multiple cravings. Access Bars are the perfect fat-burning food.

The Access Bar Upgrade

In 2011, Access Bars were upgraded with a patented form of CLA  (conjugated linoleic acid), extracted from safflower oil. The Access process itself didn’t need any improvements. What they discovered in their long-term research is that, because many people were losing very large amounts of weight, a percentage of them would have episodes of “rebounding”weight gain.

Some of these people, with their newfound ability to workout, would experience lean muscle protein loss. Even though this natural side-effect occurred in only a portion of the people that lost a lot of weight, it was limiting people’s ability to completely change their lifestyles for the better. This CLA, by itself, is backed by 18 clinical studies across 75 publications and its effectiveness is unquestioned. Since the CLA agent was added, Access Bars have become one of the most sought-after fat-burning foods on the market.

The Final Verdict On Access Bars…?

While they are becoming more and more prevalent in areas privy to all of the research and successful stories surrounding this edible fat burner, their results speak for themselves. It’s well-documented that these bars are safe, healthy, and as effective as the similar hibernation process found in nature for any mammal coming out of a deep winter’s sleep.

Hype and hyperbole aren’t necessary. Access Bars are, mostly through word-of-mouth, becoming the best option for anyone looking for a fat-burning food that works.

3 Natural Ways To Combat The Side-Effects Of Menopause 

Many women hear about Menopause through the hearsay of a “friend of a friend”. Perhaps you’ve heard an older Aunt (or worse, an Uncle) sarcastically remark to another woman that appears hot, “Are you having a hot flash or something?” Expecting the side effects of menopausal symptoms to be akin to someone’s snide remarks, or a relative’s running joke isn’t going to give you a very accurate picture. The truth can be much more severe. The flip-side of this coin is that there are also ways to naturally combat the side-effects of menopause.

Instead of natural ways to treat symptoms of menopause, most MDs point to pills or prescription creams. Progesterone steroids are what most doctors will prescribe. If they worked well most women would throw caution to the wind at this point, and welcome the well-known drawbacks from using steroids. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case: the steroidal creams often only provide minimal relief and do more harm than good.

With the onset of “The Information Age”, knowledge of “natural cures” and “safe, natural treatments” for menopause have become much more commonplace. Real people find forums where they can share their experiences, good and bad, and people can hear from people other than a doctor that may or may not have a “pharmaceutical bias”. This isn’t to say that you should ditch your doctor and simply self-diagnose on WebMD all day. Simply, that you can get a clearer picture of the truth when you can weigh all the facts for yourself.

So what are we dealing with here?

According to the Mayo Clinic:

Common Side Effects of Menopause (in reality) can include:

• vaginal dryness to the point of raw, roughened, rashy skin

• osteoporosis

• insomnia

• hair loss

• night sweats

• hot flashes, up to 2-3 times an hour; sometimes causing fainting

• irritability; anxiety

• Aches. pains

• pain during intercourse

• severely diminished sex drive (obviously)

There’s several Products with proprietary formulas that have been proven to help women Ages 50 and up. The first two are more preventative measures. They’re what you want to take prior to the onset of menopause, or just after it’s begun. And you can take one or the other, depending on how much protection or revitalization you’re looking for. The third is what you’d want to add in once you’ve started to experience the (un)natural symptoms of menopause.

Peak Performance Longevity


• Heart Health

• Cellular Health

• Metabolic Health

This pack helps to increase energy and overall well-being. It also in muscle and joint recovery, improves calorie burning, and supports normal insulin response–among other internal boosts and body system cleansings. All of these benefits can help your body push back the internal clock. Why not go on the offensive early against menopause?

Peak Performance Total Health for Women

Everything from the Peak Performance Longevity, but it adds in:

• Joint cushioning and replenishing

• Enhanced night vision and helps maintain visual acuity

• Boosted immunity

• Organ, bone, and brain-function health

• and many other full-body enhancements


Specifically designed to be a naturally formulated aid for the symptoms of menopause, this product can make a mar difference. One woman reported that, after she was having several hot flashes an hour, she started taking EstrAval–and within weeks–went down to just one hot flash a day.

This isn’t to say that everyone will experience such dramatic results, but with all of these products offered with a 100% risk-free guarantee, it couldn’t hurt to try.

Now, armed with the information that’s available today to us, what are you going to do with it?

There is a way to try and naturally fend off the onset of Menopause, as well as its side-effects.