Think Butter Flavored PopCorn Is Healthy? Think Again…

So many people reach for popcorn as their go to healthy snack. In fact, most people use microwaveable popcorn because of the convenience factor. Most microwaveable popcorn is “butter flavored”. Herein lies the problem. A chemical called diacetyl is used in the artificially made butter flavoring.

Diacetyl is linked to an extremely severe lung disease sometimes referred to as “popcorn lung.” It became known when thousands of workers became affected by it due to prolonged exposure to the chemical in the plant. Companies knew that their product was causing this medical complication and yet they still did not make any efforts of stopping production. Finally, after a long fight, and an actual disease named after the harmful DIACETYL chemical, it started to get phased out from the major pop corn makers.

They found a way to make the popcorn safer. We should be happy right? WRONG! The replacement they found is called 2.3 PENTANEDIONE. We weren’t shocked to find out that this chemical also started making buyers develop breathing problems. Unfortunately even after what was discovered about this new and “safer” version of BPA it is still used in many butter-flavored products. Popcorn is not the only product you need to be worried about, butter cookies and anything containing this artificial flavored butter also runs the risk of having DIACETYL in it. If you have buttered popcorn in your home right now, make sure to read the label! Do yourself a favor, make yours from scratch, melt real butter and spray it on with a BPA free spray bottle!

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