TOXIC BPA Still Found In Many Products, Legally!

Ever heard of BPA aka Bisphenol A/BPA? Of course you have! It used to be found in baby bottles and sippy cups, but thanks to a public awareness of the dangers, they have been removed from these particular products. Now, you can walk down the aisle at the store and see that they are all advertised as “BPA FREE.” It is no longer being used in baby bottles, which is a good start, but still not enough. What about the rest of us? BPA is still a toxic chemical attacking our systems.

BPA is prevalent in a wide variety of products that contain plastic that you use daily. BPA makes plastic more rigid. Because of this you can find it in items such as; reusable plastic plates, water bottles, plastic coffee cups, and plastic cooking utensils. Just to name a few. It is most commonly found in the lining of food and beverage containers in stores, where it has plenty of time to sit on the shelf and let all those chemicals really sink in. Yuck! Keeping them in the trunk of your car, exposed to heat, is a sure fire way to imbibe BPA directly.

BPA is an endocrine disruptor that mimics natural hormones. It can affect reproductive development and reproductive health. Studies have shown it linked to low testosterone and even male reproductive problems. In girls, BPA has been known for causing early puberty. Can you imagine that this chemical is being used in baby products?! Do your own search at home, right now and you will probably find multiple products containing BPA in your cabinet. We urge you to remove them immediately and tell your friends and family.

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